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Friday, May 14

Vicky&Pinky 青藏雙騎行

Off the Rails - Sibera to Beijing

Two Australian, Tim Cope and Chris Hatherly spent 14 months cycling recumbent bicycles from Moscow to Beijing across Siberia....frostbitten toes, vodka, and hospitality were just some of the things they encountered along the way living their dream. A 52 Minute film was made and broadcast in Australia about this journey, and the DVD was sold out but will soon be available. TO BUY THE BOOK PUBLISHED BY PENGUIN ABOUT THIS JOURNEY CALLED 'OFF THE RAILS' GO TO

Thursday, November 19

Fox Forks 2010


Saturday, July 25

GT Golden Race Series

GT Bicycles Unveils the Fastest Trophy in Mountain Biking
Bethel, Conn. – December 17, 2008 − GT Bicycles is proud to announce the launch of
the GT Golden Race Series. Starting in April 2009, amateur riders worldwide can
compete for the fastest trophy ever: the GT Golden Bike. Racers will have a chance to
compete in 21 officially sanctioned Golden Bike Races and take home a limited edition
GT Golden Bike.

“The idea is simple: the only way to get the Golden Bike is to crush the competition,”
said Jenni Cathcart, Director of Marketing for GT Bicycles. “Win the race and you’ll go
home with the Golden Bike − not to mention the glory that goes along with it. There is no
silver or bronze in this race…it’s all about the gold!”

The Golden Bike, which just so happens to be the fastest trail-legal bike GT has ever
made, is available in three models. Hardtail enthusiasts will go wild for GT’s iconic
Zaskar. Full suspension riders can win either the Marathon, GT’s lightest full suspension
ever, or the burly Force with 6” of travel. All three models feature a golden monocoque
carbon fiber frame and top-of-the-line XTR components. They’re light. They’re fast. And
most importantly, they’re not for sale.

One note: the Golden Bike isn’t for pros. Any rider who gets paid to race, got their bike
from a sponsor or holds a professional cycling license is not eligible for the Golden Bike.
And sorry, but all racers must be 18 years of age.
While GT is encouraging racers to compete in as many races as they’d like, they can
only win one Golden Bike. Race information, rules and more will be featured on starting January 30th, 2009. And as always, you can learn about
everything GT at

The GT Golden Race Series kicks off on April 4th, 2009 in Australia and ends in October
in Japan. Along the way, the series will make stops in Germany, New Zealand and
South Africa − just to name a few. The complete Golden Bike Series is as follows:

Canberra, Australia 4/4/09 24 Hour Enduro
Ontario, Canada 4/19/09 Paris to Ancaster Bike Race
Faro - Algarve, Portugal 4/25/09 Maratona D'alte

Solothurn, Switzerland 5/10/09 Bike Days/Racer Bikes Cup
Daejun City, South Korea 5/16/09 Samchuly Bicycle National MTB Championship
L'esquirol, Spain 5/24/09 17a Cabrerès BTT

FongShan Reservoir, Taiwan 6/13/09 FongShan Reservior Cross Country
Willingen, Germany 6/13/09 Bike Festival in Willingen Ledbury
(Herefordshire), UK 6/20/09 Mountain Mayhem
 Maribor, Slovenia 6/21/09 Nissan UCI WC race

Villabassa, Italy 7/12/09 Sudtirol Dolomiti Superbike

Eger, Hungary 8/2/09 BÜKK MARATON XC race
Oppdal, Norway 8/8/09 SykkelEner'n
Sopo, Cundinamarca, Colombia 8/18/09 Andean Cross Country Open

Jedovnice, Czech Republic 9/12/09 GT Zaskar 2009
Joulemae, Estonia 9/12/09 Elion Cup
Otaki, Japan 9/20/09 Try Bike

Frejus, France 10/1/09 Roc d’Azur
Rototura, New Zealand 10/3/09 Whaka 100 in Rotorua
Parys, South Africa 10/10/09 The Ride Mag Crater Cruise
Pueblo Eden, Uruguay 10/18/09 AventuraGT

Images, spec information, logos and other media materials are available for download at
the GT media site:
GT Bicycles is part of the Cannondale Sports Group Division of Dorel Industries (TSX:

About GT Bicycles
Built on its race-proven performance products, GT Bicycles has been designing
technologically advanced bikes in the road, mountain and BMX categories since 1973.
For more information about GT Bicycles, please visit
Dorel Industries Inc. (TSX: DII.B, DII.A) is a world class juvenile products and bicycle
company. Established in 1962, Dorel creates style and excitement in equal measure to
safety, quality and value. The Company’s lifestyle leadership position is pronounced in
both its Juvenile and Bicycle categories with an array of trend-setting products. Dorel’s
powerfully branded products include Safety 1st, Quinny, Cosco, Maxi-Cosi and Bébé
Confort in Juvenile, as well as Cannondale, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose and SUGOI in
Recreational/Leisure. Dorel’s Home Furnishings segment markets a wide assortment of
furniture products, both domestically produced and imported. Dorel is a $2 billion
company with 4600 employees, facilities in seventeen countries, and sales worldwide.

GT Golden Race Series Site Info

Winner of Taiwan's GT Golden Race Series 2009

ak, leader of the Formosan Serow Biking Club based in Kaohsiung
Check out his Chinese blog

Golden XTR crank!!!

Friday, June 5

Caution Notice for Tikit Owners from Bike Friday

Article from The Lazy Randonneur
he lower seat mast part of the tikitTM frame. Both Site #1 and Site #2 are on this part of your tikitTM.

The lower seat mast part of the tikit frame. Both Site #1 and Site #2 are on this part of your tikit.

Several tikit owners have reported a crack forming on their tikit frames that is potentially dangerous to the rider. DO NOT RIDE YOUR tikit UNTIL YOU HAVE CHECKED FOR THIS CRACK or HAD IT CHECKED AT A BIKE FRIDAY DEALER.

If your tikit DOES NOT have a crack it is safe to ride. We will be mailing you an upgrade kit soon.

If your tikit DOES have a crack then do not ride it until you get that piece replaced. See directions and pictures below.

There are two sites to check for a possible crack. Site #1 is right below the joint of the straight arm of the lower seat mast. It is the area we have had the most reports from. Site #2 is at the “keyhole” of the seat mast. We have only had 2 reports of a crack developing here out of all the tikit we have made.

The customers that have reported these cracks tend to be taller and/or heavier than average and ride their tikit a lot.

Bike Friday co-founder Alan Scholz has been riding his early 2007 tikit daily for commuting, as well as long (80+mile) tours through the mountains with 50mph descents, such as on Cycle Oregon last year. We destruction test our bikes, but also ride the *!@#* out of them ourselves!

Since we have found a potential safety issue please take it seriously and check your bike. The chances of your bike having this problem is very low but we don’t want you to get hurt!

Potential crack site #1. The crack area is usually right below where the straight leg of the seat mast begins. This picture shows a crack there. We will be sending a special brace that can be easily installed on your tikit to prevent any crack forming in the future.

Potential crack site #1. The crack area is usually right below where the straight leg of the seat mast begins. This picture shows a crack there. We will be sending a special brace that can be easily installed on your tikit to prevent any crack forming in the future.

Potential crack site # 2. This crack begins from the round hole and travels outward. There is no crack in this picture. The 2 cases that have been reported were traced back to a very unusual manufacturing process problem. We have made adjustments in our process to eliminate those factors.This change was made on tikitsTM built after April 20, 2009.

Potential crack site # 2. This crack begins from the round hole and travels outward. There is no crack in this picture. The 2 cases that have been reported were traced back to a very unusual manufacturing process problem. We have made adjustments in our process to eliminate those factors.This change was made on tikits built after April 20, 2009.

This is the crusher machine specially built to reproduce the problems reported by our customers.

This is the crusher machine specially built to reproduce the problems reported by our customers.

If you do not have a crack then you can safely ride your tikit until the safety upgrade arrives (we are sending it soon). Then you or your local dealer/bike shop can install the brace that will prevent any crack from happening in the future. It is a very simple and easy process.

If you do have a crack then give us a call or e-mail and we will build you a replacement seat mast. 1-800-777-0258 or

Please be aware of the weight limits for the tikit:

- Weight limit for Small and Medium tikit is 190lbs/86kg.
- Weight limit for Large tikit is 220lbs/100kg.

- If you are over these weight limits then you need a heavy rider upgrade available for up to 260lbs/118kg.

General caution for all folks riding any bike regularly (not just Bike Fridays):

You may be aware of several bicycle and bicycle component recalls going on right now in the industry. With this reminder about possible bike part problems it is a good time for a general safety reminder.

Bicycles are one of the most highly stressed commonly manufactured products in the world. A typical bicycle is asked to support about 10 times its own weight with little maintenance and in an extreme open environment. There is a conflict in regular bike design between light weight and durability. We all like a light bike to go with our low horsepower motor. Bicycles are one of the wonders of the world but you must care for them. The more frequently you give your bike a check over and needed tune-ups the longer it will carry you safely. . Click here to see an ABC bicycle maintenance list

Let Bike Friday Customer Service know if you have any questions about how to deal with this issue.

Safe summer riding!

Hanna Scholz
General Manager
Bike Friday

3364 West 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402 USA
Phone 800-777-0258 | Fax 541-687-0403

Saturday, May 30

Fox and the Future of Suspension

By cmattheis

By Ron Koch

Fox takes many of its MTB cues from the R and D on the moto side.

Fox takes many of its MTB cues from the R and D on the truck, atv and moto side.

Fox Racing Shox took us to a motocross track to show its 2010 mountain bike line for a reason. They wanted to show first hand how technology crosses over and influences the Fox brand as a whole. It was an eye opening experience since we got to sample all the goods including Ford’s new Raptor off-road truck in the rolling hills surrounding Santa Ynez California. It has also been home to some pro mountain bike races at the nearby Firestone Vineyard so it is an ideal location to test the new mountain bike suspension line.

Over the years, Fox has been steadily making refinements to its product and this time the 32 line gets serious attention with a closed cartridge damping system used in the 40 and 36 line. The FIT (Fox Isolated Technology), RLC, and RL dampers replace the previous open bath system and come with various advantages. Not only is it lighter by a claimed 71 grams (RLC) because of its reduced oil capacity, but since the cartridge is purged of air the oil cannot become aerated so performance will remain much more consistent. Since it’s a closed system, room must be made for both displaced oil and heat expansion. So Fox chose a simple bladder system, which in theory produced little if any friction unlike a floating piston would. Inside the cartridge is a new shimmed rebound circuit that Fox says offers a more speed sensitive rebound for better wheel tracking and overall control.

While Fox was reworking the internals they moved the rebound knob from the top to the bottom of the right leg and relocated the lockout threshold knob on top where the rebound used to be. That’s a smart move since rebound is something you rarely if ever change mid ride, but the lockout threshold is something you might adjust on the go for changing trail conditions. As in previous years compression damping is updated and refined with particular attention paid to the low speed circuit.


A cutaway of a 2010 Fox fork.

A cutaway of a 2010 Fox fork.

All of Fox’s air forks receive revamped air spring curves that should make it easier to utilize all of the fork’s available travel, and TALAS forks receive a larger and more ergonomically friendly travel adjust lever. 36 and 40 FIT RC2 forks receive tuning updates for 2010.

Since the chassis was just updated last year, few changes are made to the system. However, the tapered steerer is now available on all 32 models including 29er versions and so is the 15QR thru axle system. And that’s right down to the 100mm travel model so it’s possible and likely we’ll see a XC bike with tapered steerer and 15QR setup in the near future. The 36 line will have the option of 1 1/8″, tapered, or 1.5″ steerers and have 20mm thru axle dropouts (just like in the past).

Fox claims that with all the changes the 2010 F100 RLC will weigh under 3.19 lbs. The old R level forks disappear from the aftermarket lineup and are replaced by the RL - so last year’s open bath rebound and lockout adjustable fork becomes Fox’s entry level offering.

Updates to Float Line and Rear Shocks

Big news in the rear shock department is the addition of Fox’s Boost valve technology in the Float RP line. The position sensitive damping technology has been used for quite some time now in the gravity oriented DHX line. Unlike the DHX boost valve which comes into play in the latter third of the stroke for bottoming control, Fox designed the Float RP’s Boost Valve to effect more of the beginning of the stroke to achieve pedaling efficiency in the ProPedal setting. Fox brings the DHX RC4 shock that we saw in prototype form last year to the public for the first time. The new shock has high and low speed compression adjusters as well as Boost valve technology.

The 2010 Fox RP23.

The 2010 Fox RP23 with Boost Valve.

Since Fox and bike manufacturers can only target an average rider weight, ability and riding environment, a lot of folks can get more out of their suspension with some custom tweaking. Fox will be offering a new program it calls ProTune that will allow Fox product owners to send in their suspension and have it tuned and or upgraded to more current technology - exactly how current is still to be decided. Exact details are being figured out so keep an eye on Fox’s website for detailed info on this exciting new program in the next few weeks.

Like in past years, Fox set us up on the current, in this case ‘09 suspension and sent us out on a test loop that consisted of a mix of Firestone’s XC and downhill courses. Then they changed the suspension on the Yeti 575 and sent us out on the exact same loop. The only difference was the new suspension and the consistency of the cow poo that changed from the flinging type to more of a tire and ground clinging consistency.

The verdict: the 2010 32 TALAS 150 FIT RLC fork was immediately noticeable with its greatly improved range of low speed compression damping. You can now crank it up and get a real platform feel that nearly negates the need for a lockout and keeps brake dive at bay. Unlike the ‘09 model there is no harshness on bumps with high levels of low speed damping dialed up. It’s almost as if the lockout circuit and low speed circuit overlap in function since you can achieve similar results with the either. It’s really nice having the lockout threshold on top of the leg too. The RP23 shock is just as noticeable if not more so on the 575 since you now ride with ProPedal on all the time. Instead of setting ProPedal in one of the tree available settings and turning it off for the descents I was now leaving it on all the time.

And a cutaway of the Boost Valve equipped version of the shock.

And a cutaway of the DHX RC4 shock.

Instead of blowing open with harshness, the Boost Valve equipped model transitions smoothly even in the most aggressive #3 lever setting. It really transformed the 575 giving it more active climbing traction and a wallow free feel. It seems as though you’d now use the ProPedal settings and open as a rear end attitude or ride height adjustment for the descents instead of just opening it up for every downhill. It was just a short ride on one bike so look for a more detailed review as we gain more experience on the new suspension but the first impression is a very good one. Expect the new 2010 fox product to start showing up in shops around June.

After the test ride we got to sample the motocross bikes, quads, side by sides and a fast lap in Ford’s new limited edition Raptor F150. Although the smaller toys were a hoot the truck is really something you have to experience to believe. Its Fox suspension let the professional driver hit things at 80 MPH that would easily damage a stock truck. Look for more on the Ford Raptor and new Fox suspension in the pages of Mountain Bike.

For more reviews on mountain biking products and Fox suspension, check out our Gear and Bike Review Finder.