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Wednesday, March 4

Taiwan's Interior Mountains

click on photo (taken from "Rock")

Taiwan is a mountainous island, the island has been rated the world second most highest mountains after Himalayas. They have atleast a dozen mountains 3000 meters high (see list below). Most of the mountains are very steep and jagged which make climbing difficult but downhill MTB is a paradise.....
To find a good blogger on Taiwan's Interior mountains is not an easy task unless you know Chinese. For me I have the same problem but after searching for sometime I came across this wonderful blog.
Today's featured blogger "Rock", who is also a MTB rider will take you on his quest into the interior of central Taiwan's mountain by hiking. His blog photos are rich in color and will show you the toughest challenge that one can take. The blog is in Chinese but the pictures will tell a thousand words. Click on the photo to access to his blog, beware the site will take time to download.

Taiwan Mountain lists taken from Wikipedia
Jade Mountain (Yushan, Yu Shan, Mt. Yu, Niitakayama, Mount Niitaka, Mt. Morrison) 玉山:
Main Peak 主峰 3,952 m (12,966 ft)
Eastern Peak 東峰 3,940 m (12,927 ft)
Northern Peak 北峰 3,920 m (12,861 ft)
Southern Peak 南峰 3,900 m (12,795 ft)
Snow Mountain (Hsuehshan) 雪山 3,886 m (12,749 ft)
Siouguluan Mountain 秀姑巒山 3,860 m (12,664 ft)
Wulameng Mountain 烏拉孟山 3,805 m (12,483 ft)
Nanhu Mountain 南湖大山 3,740 m (12,270 ft)
Central Range Point 中央尖山 3,703 m (12,149 ft)
Mount Guan 關山 3,666 m (12,028 ft)
Dongjyun Mountain 東郡大山 3,619 m (11,873 ft)
Cilai Mountain 奇萊山:
Northern Peak 北峰 3,605 m (11,827 ft)
Main Peak 主峰 3,559 m (11,677 ft)
Siangyang Mountain 向陽山 3,603 m (11,821 ft)
Dajian Mountain 大劍山 3,593 m (11,788 ft)
Cloud Peak (Yunfeng) 雲峰 3,562 m (11,686 ft)
Dasyue Mountain 大雪山 3,529 m (11,578 ft)
Tao Mountain 桃山 3,525 m (11,565 ft)
Pintien Mountain 品田山 3,524 m (11,562 ft)
Dabajian Mountain 大霸尖山 3,505 m (11,499 ft)
Wuming Mountain 無明山 3,449 m (11,316 ft)
Hehuan Mountain (Hehuanshan) 合歡山 3,416 m (11,207 ft)
Nenggao Mountain 能高山:
Southern Peak 南峰 3,349 m (10,988 ft)
Main Peak 主峰 3,261 m (10,699 ft)
Jhuoshe Mountain 卓社大山 3,343 m (10,968 ft)
Baigu Mountain 白姑大山 3,341 m (10,961 ft)
Sinkang Mountain 新康山 3,335 m (10,942 ft)
Taroko Mountain 太魯閣大山 3,282 m (10,768 ft)
Dan Mountain 丹大山 3,240 m (10,630 ft)

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