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Wednesday, May 13

Singapore Guide on a Bike

A cosmopolitan, green, safe multi-racial city...Singapore. So far there is not a city in this world that can beat the standard Singapore government has set. However this comes with a price for visitor coming to this "Urban" tropical city. Here are some basic guide how you can spend less and see the city in full style.

Getting in and out of Singapore
There are few option entering Singapore, air, sea and land

By air you will arrive in the world class Changi Airport which is located on the eastern part of the island.

By Sea you will either land on the shore at Changi Village, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal or Harbour Front. Normally these are ferries coming from nearby Indonesian island Batam and Bintang or from Malaysia Tg Pengilih on the eastern south tip. Otherwise you will be coming by luxury liner at Harbour Front.

By land there are 2 causeways to Malaysia, Woodland Causeway and Tuas Causeway which is harder to get by if you do not have your own transport.

The cheapest way to stay in Singapore is to camp out. Not to worry that you will be in dumpster area but they are clean and beautiful. I will list down a list that will provide you free use of toilet facilities and maybe an a free Wifi network. Few locations had been identified by the government and a lot of families camp out during the weekend.

East Coast Park - very near to the airport and Tanah Merah ferry terminal. From the airport you might either grab a cab (taxi) or a MRT.
By cab tell the taxi driver to head to East Coast Park Food Centre. This is my ideal place to camp out as the food centre is nearby. There are almost 50 clean and hygiene food stalls located in one area. Just for your info, all food stall in Singapore are safe and clean to eat unlike you find in other parts of Asia. In the food centre there is a toilet facility where you can do your business and wash up. Around the food court corner there are few great seafood restaurants if you plan to try Singapore chili crab.

Another location will be at East Coast MacDonald's. Over there you can get free Internet service from MacDonald's, there are 7-11, few restaurants and bars and some local food in that area. Another ideal area but can be very crowded during the weekends.

Pasir Ris Park - not as near to the airport compare to Changi Village. It is much quieter compare to East Coast park. Best location is near the NTUC resort. In the resort you can get most of your ration you need. There are few fast food restaurant and local food stores. If you are in a mood for fun, near the NTUC resort there is a Theme Park.

Changi Village - better beach compare to the latter both with toilet facilities. The food centre is abit further but they do have great Malay food.

Most of these parks are recommended and controlled by the National Park. On their website you will be able to find maps of these location and some other information. National Park
Otherwise on the google map below I have pointed out the locations.

HOTELS (click here for cheap hotels)
Singapore hotel are of world class standards. In a recent report, Singapore Hotels are still the cheapest comparing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo.

There are alot cheap hotels all around the island too. I have stayed a few of them like Hotel81 and Fragrance Hotel, they have chain of Hotels all around the island. The easiest and best website to find cheap hotels in Singapore is Currently they have almost 195 Singapore hotels both luxury and budget on their list. I would highly you use them for your hotel arrangements.

View Singapore Guide in a larger map

Getting Around
I would seriously advise that you bring a bike when you visit Singapore. You can see the whole island in 3 days on a bike. Best is a fold able bike where you can bring it in the MRT if you are too lazy to cycle around. Normal bikes are not allow on board the MRT. Singapore roads are not totally safe. Drivers are less merciful and Singaporean drivers tend to treat their cars like "second wife". Normally I would use the walkway which is much safer.
By the way you can even bring your folding bikes on board public buses.
Singapore public transport are very easy to go by. You can find bus and MRT guide at every terminals. Otherwise go to the link below.

A guide for bicycle on public buses by JZ88 blog

A guide for bicycle on public buses by JZ88 blog

MRT Guide

This a place that you need not to worry about food, be it vegetarian, Muslim (Halal) or high class cuisine. This is a place you want to taste food of the world. You can eat cheaply on the island 100's food centre or food court for just US2.00. You can fill your tummy over nice Hainanese Chicken Rice or a bowl of noodles. Food is almost everywhere on the island. What is better is that you can find variety of food in one location.

There is a great blog I found, they comprehensive guide around the island and will definitely help in your travel Seen This Scene That

This article came an inspiration for me to write down when I met a couple bike tourers that came into Singapore from Malaysia. They stayed in East Coast Parks for weeks and at the same time visited the neighbouring Indonesian Island. By the way you can actually ride your way to Bali. There is this Indian old chap from Malaysia who run a home stay actually did that but he skipped Singapore and went to Bali. He was featured in Lonely Planet Guide. David's Cycling Adventure

Hope this information is good guide for your future trip to Singapore on bike and wish you a pleasant stay.

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